Skylar’s New Workout for Nike Training Club

“I Tried It: Nike’s Training Club App. Here’s a Peek at One of the High-Intensity Workouts” By: Marissa Gold

Last month, I headed out to Santa Monica to join the California pit stop on Nike’s NTC Tour. This all-day fitness extravaganza is an immersion course in all the fitness offerings of Nike’s Training Club App. If you’re lucky enough to be near one of the cities where it takes place, the price of admission gets you alot of great stuff: access to a full day of classes with top trainers in each location (and more that Nike imports from around the world), guest appearances by celebrity athletes, healthy food and drinks, and tons of swag.


Hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of participants stopped by, and each got to take home a rose-gold Nike+ FuelBand, a pair of Nike sneakers, and a pair of Nike Studio Wraps for barre workouts. I highly recommend you keep an eye out for next year’s tour stops and join (although it only comes to a few select cities worldwide, like Santa Monica, Stockholm, and Shanghai).


In the meantime, for the rest of us, the app itself is totally free and available to anyone with a smartphone. It features tons of workouts to keep you moving, like this high-intensity workout designed for WNBA player Skylar Diggins. Diggins was one of the athletes in attendance on the tour promoting the app, and she participated in her own workout right along with the rest of us. Only one difference: During moves like seated oblique twists, shoulder touches in planks, jumps, and weighted slams, Diggins showed no signs of fatigue. That’s how you can tell a pro athlete from, well, me (deliberately not shown in any pictures). I was exhausted by the end (and I still had three more workouts left that day!). More on that later.


You can try Diggins’ workout and more than 100 others on the app, which can sync up to the FuelBand (if you have one) to track your runs, monitor your sleep, and share your progress with friends—if you’re the competitive type, that is. Do any of you have Nike’s app on your phones? Let me know what you think if you try one of the workouts.